Queers Gone Wild


Jake Gyllenhaal & Daniel Beddingfield

Edit: Seann Willian-Scott removed for lack of hair.

While looking came across a pic of Jake Gyllenhaal, shirtless. Cute boy, no idea what show he's on, but maybe I should watch it.

Also found pics of Daniel Bedingfield, shirtless, twice.
He may not do anything for the muscle queens, but I think he's cute. And his body does me fine too. :P CHUBBY GUYS ROX0RZ MAH SOX.

Dominic Monoghan

Whee for Dominic Monaghan being naked(showing bum) in a shower. How nice.

Found at http://wetmen.provocateuse.com/

Ben Cohen

Okay, anyways. That guy I didn't know.

Ben Cohen, a rugby player.

Here's some pics.


If you can't tell hairy guys turn me on. :D

Andy Roddick, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans

Totty World rocks my socks. So many sexy sportsmen with their shirts off.

Such as Andy Roddick, twice. And this one I found on my own.

There's also this guy, I'm not sure of his name, but I think it's Ben.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, before and after. I quite like both.

Actor Chris Evans from Not Another Teen Movie shirtless, twice. Also a picture with strategically placed whipped cream.

Done for now.