Queers Gone Wild



Another update! Oh joy. I'm getting the impression that the feminine asian boys didn't go over well with the people who read this. But oh well, cause I'll post who I want, nyah. :P

Actor Emile Hirsch. He's kinda cute eh? Kind of 'boy next door I'd want for a boyfriend' type. Saw him in The Girl Next Door in his undies. And thought I might share him. He's going to be in the new movie called Lords of Dogtown...but I have no desire to see it.

Who says video game characters can't be hot? Tidus from FF X

Ryan Reynolds looks cute even when acting silly.

The first person to find me caps of Chris Evans shirtless in the new Fantastic Four film wins..... a hug? That and a huge thanks. E-mail is teh_uber_panda@yahoo.com